March 31, 2007

Down into the sky(2)

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When u cannot get sleep

and sleep with nightmare

Image that there will be a plane flying over your house

scraping your roof

making noise

The captain will illuminate your bed with his mobile phone

and will shout loudly

"Blah blah, *&@#$"

repeat and repeat, everyday

Months or years later,

his mobile phone will be shut down

You will be taken to the plane

The captain will ask "Where do you want to go"

You would say "The place I was been eager to visit"

ok, the captain will take you there.

After all , you will find that the place is the end of the nightmare

The captain will say : "And this will be the beginning of a new nightmare"

March 28, 2007

Down into the sky

Forgive me~~
Forgive me that I don't know whether it was taken by me~~
Anyhow , it is psed by me ~ oye~

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March 23, 2007

Birthday Happy

One year and one year.

March 20, 2007

March 8, 2007

March 5, 2007

Someone said "Diigo version 2 is looking really good"

My works on Diigo were just released. Then Someone said "Diigo version 2 is looking really good". Oh, u know, I am so proud :0

Diigo is a social bookmarking/research tool that is very similar to but in my opinion has the edge in terms of features, usability and aesthetics. They have just released version 2 of their look and feel and it is really nice. One of the best enhancements is in the Diigolet bookmarklet, one of the tools you can use to bookmark and forward sites to others. Unlike most bookmarklets which are fairly plain the Diigolet actually looks and functions almost as good as the dedicated Firefox extension whilst at the same time working on a range of different Internet browsers. Checkout the video below to see what I mean...

If you have not tried any social bookmarking sites or feel like you could use a change I'd recommend giving Diigo a try. Joining up is easy and they have some nice importing tools for getting all your old bookmarks out of your browser or competing bookmarking service and into theirs.

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March 3, 2007

Into The Sky(End)

I say come back to the house of

come back to the house of


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Into The Sky(3)

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